Friday, 6 June 2014

Welcome to the SpertLab blog!

This is the blog of the Laboratory of Expertise in Sport run by Professor Duarte Araújo. Readers are encouraged to comment, debate and discuss.  Duarte Araújo moderate all comments and publish most, unless they appear (to his totally subjective gaze) to be defamatory, spammy, hate-mongering, not particularly constructive, or just plain rude/crude.

It’s fine to disagree with us, but we are unlikely to publish your comment unless you display a modicum of style and intelligence. For example if your comment is just swearing and being unimaginative it’s probably not going to be published. Also if you do not provide a real name/identity/email I may choose not to publish your comments. Real people who stand by their comments are cool!

This blog discusses ideas but does not purport to provide formal business, technology, psychology or finance advice.  Readers should seek (and probably pay for) advice of that nature from a professional source. If you want to retain our professional services there is more information on

The content on this website is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights. The opinions expressed here are our own and do not represent views of anyone. Nothing posted here should be considered official or sanctioned by anyone.

Feel free to quote liberally from this blog if you want – please link back in the best web tradition if you use any material provided here and give credit for material used.

Often we use material from other sources in this blog.  We try to note the provenance of the material and give appropriate credit.  If you think there is any error in fact or attribution please let us know.

There is every chance that we will quote from or publish in their entirety other communication sources, like letters, email or tweets, stuff that you’ve shared with us.

Note: these rules are based on those of Kate Carruthers (

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